About Wiretooth Technlogies

Wiretooth Technologies is one of the few consultancy Companies in Africa focused on ICT4D, Disruptive technologies like IoT (Internet of Things), WebRTC (Web Real Time Communications), Big Data, Robotics, 3D printing, Cloud Technologies, BitCoin, Robotics, Telecom APIs.
We have wide recognition all around the world as an indigenous African consultancy company geared towards using technologies to develop Africa.

To enhance people, governments, African nations and organisations on how they could take advantage of the right technologies which will
translate to exponential growth and economical sustainability.

To build an economically sustainable and technologically advanced Nigeria/Africa powered by Nigerians/Africans.

What We Do
We understand that adoption and proper application of latest technologies can significantly grow Nigeria and Africa. So, we focus on developing programs and activities that will develop Nigeria and Africa through Latest Technologies.

– We offer consultancy to Governments and institutions on how they can implement and deploy latest technologies to ease operations, cut cost and increase revenue.
– We make movements towards helping companies and Governments to efficiently maximise their spending on the right capacity-building programs for the growth of the people and the nation.
– We also organise Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Round-table discussions, Hackathons.
– Startup incubation and acceleration.
– Empowerment of youths on ICT tools to become self employed.
– We look out for people with unique technology creations to support them and help them grow.